The Festival


Promotion and dissemination of music, culture and country & western dancing.

The “line dancing” originally stood in the Wild West. In fact, it is a very diverse. There is a phrase that says “real cowboys do not line dance.” Many folk dances are danced individually but in “unison”, a “line” is not linear, and often with a connection between dancers. The absence of a physical connection between dancers is a distinctive feature in the Country Western Dance. The “line dances” have accompanied many musical styles from the 90s, including swing, rock and roll, and disco music.

The popularity of the “line dance” grew from the time of disco, when communities Country-western music and dance continued to explore and develop this type of dance. Today there is talk of “Catalan Style” in Europe, as a style of choreography and steps, followed dancers French, Italian, German and English.


Pioners: Mr. Banjo Festival

Our history goes back to 1998 when we opened one of the best and most famous Tonky Honks in Catalonia, called Nashville Country Club. During that growing period of Country Music industry in Barcelona, ​​the club became fashionable line dancing site and especially the task of carrying out international gigs by Mr. Banjo festival, a total of seven international events.
Names like Hank Thompson, Wanda Jackson, Jett Williams, Rick Trevino, Jason Allen, Heather Myles, Dale Watson, Jamie Ridchard, Joe Sun, Two Tons of Steel, Sleepy LaBeef, Texas, Renegade, Ranch House Favorites, Billy Yates Billy Keeble , Bad Bob, Rosie Flores, Danni Leigh, Burrito De Lux, Arly Karlsen, Ove Stoylen, Joni Harms, Michael Ballew, Moot Davis, Tony Lewis, John Ely, Willie Jones, Brian Sklar and many other singers also of our land.
Cowboy Boots Festival was born as a musical proposal of American music genre, the festival is organized by three of the most emblematic Honky Tonks in the country, Renegade Dance Music, Dance Legends Hall and Wild Bunch Saloon.